Wood Floor Sanding in Amsterdam

Wooden floors add elegance and style to any house, varying incredibly from modern to traditional. The outlay of the wooden floor may be more than the use of carpets, but its value for money and longevity outweighs the use of carpet. Wooden floor sanding boasts a fantastic history with many varieties, enabling homeowners to create an exceptional space via surface and stain options. Here’s everything you need to know about wood floor sanding in Amsterdam. There’re those of you that think that the only solution to having a fantastic floor is installing a new floor, but you’ll be amazed to realise that there’re several other solutions you can incorporate to make your floor a great one. Our specialists at Wood Floor Sanding in Amsterdam can make your existing floor seem incredible by sanding and finishing it with a new layer of hard wax, lacquer or oil. With our professionalism and expertise, you can rest be assured that you’ll have one of the best floors.

Dust-free Floor Sanding

We only use dust-free sanding method to assure the best efficiency while sanding the wooden floor. Our team at Wood Floor Sanding in Amsterdam utilises a sanding system to treat your floor to which we use a vacuum cleaner.

A benefit linked to this method is that refurbishing your floor is much faster and safer. Our employees boast many years of experience in flooring and thus makes sure that you have got a dust-free result upon the floor renovation. Feel free to contact us any time if you have any questions about Dust Free Floor Sanding in your’e house or company in Amsterdam.

Wood Floor Sanding In Amsterdam

Refinishing of the Wood Floor: “Our Methods”

Houten Vloer Schuren
Osmo Hardwax
Rubio Monocoat Olie
Houten Vloer Schuren

Sanding and Oiling

Usually, painting the floor isn’t the only option to have a great floor. It would be wise if you considered sanding and oiling the wooden floors. We recommend property owners to consider sanding and oiling their floors, especially in scenarios where underfloor heating is situated below the wooden floor. What you probably do not know is the fact that oil is highly resistant to high and low temperatures. Besides, it offers excellent protection for your wooden floor against warping and cracks under any circumstances. Get in touch with Wood Floor Sanding in Amsterdam to have the best sanding and oiling on your parquet.

Sanding and Varnishing

Wood Floor Sanding in Amsterdam can sand and varnish your floor in a couple of ways. One of the common ways we incorporate involves a three-layer system alongside your favourite choice. With almost two decades in the industry, you’ll undeniably be more than happy to allow us to assist you in getting the anticipated floor appearance. Besides the beautifying effect, sanding and varnishing by our team guarantee the best possible protection for your floor. More information about sanding and varnishing you will find it here!

Sanding and Hard Waxing

If you need an oily floor and additional protection against dirt and moisture, sanding and hard waxing the wooden floor is inevitable. We apply 2 layers of hard wax oil to protect both the inside and outer part of the wood. This process makes it difficult for the dirt and moisture to penetrate. We give free advise about the best hardwax brands and colors. Feel free to call us anytime. We would love to help you make te right choise! We are happy to give you more information about wood floor sanding and hardwaxing. You can contact us any time!


Certified Parketteurs

Our experienced parquet technicians have 18 years of experience in sanding and refinishing wooden floors and are Certified


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We are officially recognized specialist and are distinguished on the 5 points, Good Advice, Craftsmanship, Quality, Service and Warranty.


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When you request a quote or make an appointment with us, we will always visit you on location for a floor inspection.



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Why Wood Floor Sanding in Amsterdam

Sanding your wooden floor demands professional and expert approach. As a result, it is wise to use a company that has been in the industry for many years. In addition to being knowledgeable and skilled, Wood Floor Sanding in Amsterdam has been in the industry for more than 18 years.

Free Floor Inspection and Advice

It’s always advisable to know your floor’s status in advance. It is for this reason that we’re always more than ready to undertake a floor inspection on your property without any obligation and then advise you on the refurbishment and maintenance. With the advice, you’ll have an incredible insight into the options that you can include.

Sanding the Wooden Floor with Assurance

Although sanding the floor seems to be a daunting task, hiring our team of experts to perform these tasks can be done quickly. We certainly understand that you need to be able to depend on several assurances. We guarantee these assurances because we use nothing less but pure craftsmanship and best quality.

If you are searching for the best wooden flooring expert with unrivalled experience around Amsterdam and its neighbourhoods, look no further. The team of experts at Wood Floor Sanding in Amsterdam is ready to assist you to renovate your wooden floor in the best way possible.

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