Wood Floor Sanding and Oiling Services

Are you searching for a professional wood floor sanding and oiling company to take care of your property and revamp your wooden floor to make it look fantastic, look no further! We offer a wide range of services for wood floor sanding and oiling. For more than two decades, our team of experts has established a reputation by providing the best wood floor services.

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Wood Floor Sanding and Oiling

What is Wood Floor Sanding and Oiling

Wood floor sanding in Amsterdam eliminates the floor’s top surfaces with abrasive material, while oiling is the process of applying the actual oil. We sand various floor materials, including particleboard, cork, timber, and in some cases, parquet. In simple terms, sanding is the process of preparing the floor for hard wax oil application.

The floor sanding technology we utilise is dust-free since we only use the modern sanding and extraction systems. After sanding, we continue with the process of applying the oil to your quality wood floor.

Wood Floor Sanding and Oiling

Refinishing of the Wood Floor: “Our Brands”


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Our Wood Floor Sanding and Oiling Services

Oiled wood floors are sturdy, but if the floor contains stains or scratches, we can quickly identify and gently repair them by sanding and applying a new layer of oil to the scratched section. Our wood floor sanding and oiling service comprise of gentle floor sanding with a fine screen to prepare the floor.

This method ensures that the entire finish is smooth. Afterward, we apply a layer of hard wax oil or compatible oil. We only use durable wax oil from the best manufacturers when it comes to oiling your wooden floors.

Wood Floor Sanding and Oiling

Benefits of Oiling Your Wooden Floors

Oil application to the wooden floors is perfect for preserving and enhancing the natural look of the wooden floors. It makes your floor get a stunning look only rivalled by exotic wood species. Here are some of the benefits:

  • It eliminates the minimal imperfections due to tear and wear.
  • It makes it easy to repair any damaged part. If there’s a damaged section in your house, you only have to use a piece of slightly oiled cotton to wipe the affected area. If necessary, we can remove severely affected areas and re-oil.
  • The oiled wooden floor repels dirt and liquids.
  • It gives your floor a natural, warm, and pleasant look. Besides, oiling accentuates the true nature of the wooden floor without giving it a plasticky finish.
  • Oil gives a floor a pleasant feel and matte look. Although they need slightly more maintenance than paints, oiled floors are more comfortable to repair and less sensitive to scratches. 

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There’re perhaps hundreds of companies in Amsterdam that handle wood floor sanding and oiling. However, if you need a team of experts that can deliver services beyond your expectations, within budget, and within the allocated time, your best bet is us.


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