Wood Floor Sanding and Varnishing Services

Wood floor sanding and varnishing is exceptionally essential for the maintenance of the beauty and natural look of your parquet or wooden floor. It needs to be performed regularly to reinstate your valuable wooden floor to an attractive condition. We understand the significance of these two processes, and that is why we guarantee highly effective and quality wood floor sanding and varnishing services for a great feel and appearance. You can rely on us to receive nothing but the best from the industry. With modern technology, we can handle any task effectively and efficiently. If you require timely services, look no further! You can get them right here.
Wood Floor Sanding and Varnishing

Wood Floor Sanding and Varnishing by the Experts

We are focused on working hand-in-hand with the local communities such as schools, aged care homes, church organisation, as well as commercial and residential properties. Proudly serving Amsterdam and its environs, we are a knowledgeable and experienced company that specialises in residential and commercial wood floor sanding and varnishing. Our team of experts guarantees substantial experience, reliability, and high-quality work. You should anticipate a detailed, professional, and educated floor assessment and service. We pride ourselves in offering all customers a transparent and honest job quote, with zero hidden costs. We also love guaranteeing a 5-tar service at all times, which I part and parcel of fully satisfying our clients.

Wood Floor Sanding and Varnishing

Refinishing of the Wood Floor: “Our Brands”


Certified Parketteurs

Our experienced parquet technicians have 18 years of experience in sanding and refinishing wooden floors and are Certified


Official recommended Specialist

We are officially recognized specialist and are distinguished on the 5 points, Good Advice, Craftsmanship, Quality, Service and Warranty.


Expert advice on location

When you request a quote or make an appointment with us, we will always visit you on location for a floor inspection.



When you request a free quote from us, you will receive it with a competitive price and within 1 day by email.

Wax, Oil Finish, or Varnish?

It comes down to how careful you are going to be when it comes to maintaining the wooden floor. Varnish and wax finishes need periodic recoating. While wax requires recoating at least twice a year, varnish finish can last for up to five years. Oil, on the other hand, penetrates through the wooden floor, making it a perfect repellent for dirt and liquids. An oil finish floor needs re-oiling yearly. With this, you know the ideal option for you.

More than Just Wood Floor Sanding and Varnishing

Add value and beauty to your business or house with our professional wood floor sanding in Amsterdam. We are dedicated and skilled wood floor refinishers, and our wide range of services range from restoration and repair to sanding and varnishing all types of worn-out wooden floors.

Wood Floor Sanding and Varnishing

Get Top-Notch Wood Floor Sanding and Varnishing

Besides enhancing a home’s character, the appropriate colour for a wooden floor also conveys a sense of style. Our experts in flooring provide a wide range of varnishing. We use high quality and blended spirit-based stains to attain the best colour for your wooden floors. Our specialists’ floor consultants are more than ready to assist you in changing the stain colours to a more natural look. Varnishing the wooden floors is not a walk in the park; many things can go wrong, but do not be anxious since you are in the perfect place. Based on our 18 years we have been in the industry, we have the capability of delivering excellent services in wood floor varnishing. We are a team of professionals that combines both experience and modern equipment.

Why Us?

  • More than 18 years’ experience
  • Unbeatable experience
  • 100% satisfaction and safety
  • Professionalism, reliability and diligence
  • Incorporation of modern technologies

If you need wood floor sanding and varnishing, contact us to allow us to design your apartment’s interior together. You may also consider calling our office to get a no-obligation quote today or even talk to a professional.


Refinishing of the Wood Floor: “Our Methods”

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