Wood Floor Sanding and Hardwaxing Services in Amsterdam

Are you in the market for a completely natural-looking finish on your floor? If so, wood floor sanding and hardwaxing is your best option. We specialise in wood floor sanding in Amsterdam with long-lasting results. The best thing about us is that we only use the leading products from the best manufacturers. For example, we use the formerly designed hard wax oil to offer nothing but the best when it comes to wooden floor hardwaxing. In addition, the wax we use on your floor guarantees the most natural and strong quality possible.
Wood Floor Sanding and Hardwaxing

Why Wood Floor Sanding and Hardwaxing?

As said earlier, wood floor sanding and hardwaxing prides itself to have high elasticity and resistance to adverse effects of temperature and moisture fluctuations. Due to this reason, wooden floors finished with hardwax oil can be deployed in various areas like offices, condos, and cottages. With regular restorative cleaning and appropriate maintenance, hardwax oil finish is perfect for bars, restaurants, as well as high traffic public areas like airports.

The textured appearance attained via low finish gloss, and wire brushing of the wood surface makes it difficult to see most dents, scratches, as well as minor damages. This aspect makes it easier to maintain these floors.

Wood Floor Sanding and Hardwaxing

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What is Hardwax Oil?

It is an exceptional hardwood flooring finish that comprises of three layers of wax oil extracted from natural components. The main ingredients that produce hardwax oil include wax of Carnauba palm tree, organic oil, and several other natural substances. Since its an oxidative finish, hardwax oil dries out quickly in the open air.

In a wooden floor that has a hardwax oil finish, the oil penetrates the wood, where it strengthens and saturates the wooden floor deeply. In the end, it protects the floor against dirt and moisture. In addition to protecting the floor against liquids, a hardwax oil protects the floor’s surface against tear and wear. Also, wooden floor with hardwax oil finish quickly absorbs the moisture and the releases it back to the air, therefore making sure that the house contains a healthy atmosphere.

Wood Floor Sanding and Hardwaxing

Benefits of Wood Floor Sanding and Hardwaxing

Wood floor sanding and waxing has been in the market for a long time due to a wide range of advantages it gives to the homeowners. Here are the benefits you get:

  • Since it penetrates deep into the wood, it maintains and enhances the floor’s elasticity and beauty.

  • It offers exceptional water-repelling properties.

  • The floor doesn’t crack, peel off, blister or even flake.

  • It makes the floor resistant to beer, wine, cola, tea, coffee, fruit juices, milk, and other water-based solutions.

  • It guarantees easy cleaning and maintenance.

  • Quick renovations.

Wood Floor Sanding and Hardwaxing Maintenance Tips

If necessary, maintenance of wooden floor with hardwax oil finish needs to be done regularly with a grit vacuum to remove the dust. Other floor surfaces that get most traffic such as hallways, kitchens, and front doors need to be cleaned periodically with a unique restorative hardwood floor cleaner. When it comes to residential floors, restorative cleaning only has to be done once or twice a month. A public place with busy traffic, on the other hand, needs to be cleaned once or twice a week. If you are in Amsterdam and need a free explanation about wood floor sanding and hardwaxing, please contact us and allow us to assist you in getting an ideal finish for your wooden floor.


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