Wood Floor Refinishing in Amsterdam

Home remodelling can significantly improve the state of your home life. However, it is important to find the best dealers in wood floor refinishing in Amsterdam. That way, you will not worry about spending money on substandard work that will not impress you.

Affordable Wood Floor Refinishing in Amsterdam

Our company has been in existence for many years, ensuring that clients in the Netherlands and its proximity get quality wood floor refinishing. While focusing on premium services, our team ensures that you do not spend a fortune to give your home the fancy look it deserves. For more than 20 years, our team has gained rich experience in customer services, which is why we are your number one solution when it comes to affordable wood floor refinishing in Amsterdam. All you have to do is email us with detailed information regarding the project at hand. We will then send our team right away to take a look at your floor. This helps us determine the best way to serve you. Other than wood floor refinishing, we offer an array of other flooring services.

Choose Your Favorite Colour for Wood Floor Refinishing in Amsterdam

There is an array of wood floor colours you can choose from. Therefore, we never make an independent decision when it comes to this. Any time you want, you can visit our website to see all the colours we have for your floor.

We have partnered with equally experienced wood floor experts and have almost all possible colours for your floor. You will have access to all of them so that you pick one that best suits your taste and preferences. Since oil is quite popular in Amsterdam, do not hesitate to ask for special oil colours if that is what you need for your floor.

Also, we have a showroom that is open at least four days a week. If you want to come in person, you are welcome to take a look at the different colours we have in store for you. Even as you make this important decision, you need to check the cost and current design of your house. These are important factors that can help you pick the best colours.

Wood Floor Sanding In Amsterdam

Certified Parketteurs

Our experienced parquet technicians have 18 years of experience in sanding and refinishing wooden floors and are Certified


Official recommended Specialist

We are officially recognized specialist and are distinguished on the 5 points, Good Advice, Craftsmanship, Quality, Service and Warranty.


Expert advice on location

When you request a quote or make an appointment with us, we will always visit you on location for a floor inspection.



When you request a free quote from us, you will receive it with a competitive price and within 1 day by email.

Fast Response for Wood Floor Refinishing in Amsterdam

We understand that you might need things done a lot faster. Therefore, we never want to waste time. Once you contact us, we take it from there are send our team to your home right away. All we need is for you to be there when we arrive so that you let us in. Our team is friendly and is always open to suggestions. We have had clients with unique requests. If you are one of them, do not hesitate to let us know. If you want things a little changed and creativity escalated, we would be more than happy to do all that for you. However, you should be ready to pay an additional fee depending on the amount of additional work your floor might need.

Talk to Us for Wood Floor Refinishing in Amsterdam

Our support team is available throughout the day. Any time you are free, visit our website and have a chat with our agents. All your questions will be answered quickly and to your satisfaction. Still, you can come to our office and have a one-on-one discussion with our specialists. Note that unlike other companies, we are available to work even on weekends, so you can virtually hit us up any time you might need wood floor refinishing in Amsterdam. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Refinishing of the Wood Floor: “Our Methods”

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